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Marathi Numbers

Marathi Numbers

  Marathi Numbers

In Marathi Numbers System ‘0’ Number Is Invented By Arybhutt ? Einstein Always Thank Indian People For Inventing Zero Number.

Download Powerpoint File For Marathi Ankalipi :- Click To Download

Numbers From 1 to 10

Marathi Ankalipi

Marathi Numbers

Numbers From 11 to 20


Numbers In Marathi

Numbers From 21 To 30

marathi Numbers Numbers From 31 to 40

Marathi NumbersNumbers 41 to 50

Marathi Numbers

Numbers From 51 To 60

Marathi Grammar

 Numbers From 61 To 70

Marathi Numbers

Numbers From 71 to 80

Marathi Numbers

Numbers From 81 to 90Marathi Numbers

 From 91 To 100

Marathi Numbers

Indian Numbering System Is Very Old System Of Counting.People Says That Indian Are Smart Enough In Counting in Ancient Era.

Indian Counting System People Uses Comma To Separate Value Of Different Numbers.

In Marathi Counting They Say ‘ekam’ ‘thushum” ;hajar’ ‘dahahajar” And So on.


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